Church History

Calvary New Testament Church of God Inc. was established in 1987 as founder and pastor,  Bishop Fearon Blake yielded to the Lord’s command for him to ‘lead a flock’ in the  city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A.  A nucleus of twenty brethren ventured out to start ‘the work’ in the attic of Bishop Blake’s home on Remington Street in Bridgeport. As the membership grew, the church relocated to 1655 Main Street in 1988 and subsequently to 207 Asylum Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1991.

God’s power and anointing have been the foundation upon which Calvary is built and so ‘the work’ prospered as the hand of God was evident upon the ministry. The mandate to plunder hell to populate heaven is being manifested as signs and wonders reflect the calling of God on the life of one humble man who yielded to God’s command.  Signs and wonders such as the crippled woman who walks again,  the dead man who was brought back to life as the Man of God prayed, and those who have been healed  from cancer, deafness, tumors, and other  sicknesses and diseases,  are only a few of the many indicators that remind us that Calvary is a deliverance center.

As the ministry grew, the desire to reach the wider community became a reality and in 1993, Bishop Blake seized the opportunity by way of the airwaves, to spread the Gospel. The Calvary Outreach Ministry telecast airs on Sundays on channel 88 at 6:30 pm in Fairfield County,  and the  radio broadcast, Calvary Miracle Outreach, airs on and on facebook   on Wed & Fri 4PM and Saturdays from 11:00 – 5:00pm. The church also hosts an annual tent revival at its home location where all are welcome!

In  2001, God miraculously gave us 1880 Barnum Avenue in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  With only $84,000.00 in the bank and a fearless man of God,  our very own architect and contractor, Bishop Fearon Blake, moved forward in faith to ‘build a house’ for God.  Despite the adversities and stumbling blocks such as obtaining the building permit, zoning approval and developers bidding for the property, God revealed His plan for His children, the way He did to the children of Israel. One month after obtaining the property, an offer was made to purchase the property for an amount that was substantially higher than the original purchase price. However, Calvary decided to move forward with the Lord’s vision without even a thought of entertaining the offer.

Contractual agreement included an approval for the removal of the original building if necessary, and with that in mind, the building was demolished after it was declared condemned in its former state.  The owners were in dispute of this, and proceeded with litigation.  Litigation continued for over a year, with threats of violations and summons, but again, the devil was defeated and Calvary was victorious through Jesus Christ, in its quest to build the Lord’s house. As the battle continued, Bishop enquired of the Lord; “God I’m tired of going to court. Is there no pot hole in Heaven? Can’t you kick me a piece of gold, so I could pay the owners their money?”.  Ten days later, God ‘kicked us a piece of gold’ in the form of 1.2 million dollars which enabled us to transfer the mortgage to a more reputable holder. To God be the glory!

The process was not an easy one. There were times when it seemed as if God had forgotten us. We were told that the project was not at all possible; nevertheless, Calvary New Testament Church of God exhibited the stability and determination it takes to endure the angry billows, and today, we are victorious! Through it all, God has kept His promise and showered Calvary with divine favor, as the church moved steadfastly and victoriously in completing a divine edifice to worship our Lord Jesus Christ. We can truly say that “we’ve come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord,” and “hitherto hath the Lord brought us”.

Today, Calvary New Testament Church of God remains committed to the cause of Christ as He commands us to go out and be fishers of men. We truly believe that God has called us to be a lighthouse in the city of Bridgeport and its environs, and we will carry the gospel of Christ far and near. The church’s outreach ministry includes the radio broadcast, the television broadcast, a scholarship fund to assist young people achieve their educational goals, a food pantry and various sub-ministries to provide care for the ‘total man’.